Parenting Tip Sheets - Toddler

You are excited as your child learns to walk and talk. Your toddler is busy exploring. You may wonder what you can say to your child besides, “No! No! No!”

What parents do and say develops a child’s self image. Your loving, positive words give a “You can do it” message. You teach skills that last a lifetime.

Our Live Love Grow Learn series and Ready in Stages series guide you as your child develops.

Are we there yet?

Are you a permissive parent?

Attention problems linked to TV viewing

Book buying guide

Caring for a sick toddler

Children are what they eat

Children get hurt on escalators

Coping with a child's anger

Coping with bedwetting

Crying linked to injury of children

Daycares and toddler health

Different ways to say no

Drowning: protect your toddler

Facts about kids and colds

Family vacation survival tips

Gardening: get back to the basics with children

Help for picky eaters

Help keep baby's and child's teeth healthy

Help toddlers stop whining  

Help your preschooler learn to read


Holiday safety tips

How to deal with whining

If a child needs to go to the ER

Is it normal toddler behavior or ADHD?

Is your child ready for kindergarten?

Keep your family healthy

Kids with positive social skills make good friends

Moms need more sleep

Nurture your child's creativity

Play helps toddlers grow and learn

Play dates: learn during play

Prepare your child for school

Preschool screening helps with success in school

Prevent aggressive behaviors in toddlers

Preventing problems between toddlers and older siblings

Project your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

Protect your kids from MRSA

Reading: have fun while learning

Reduce frustration and stop yelling

Routines and rituals make family life easier



Stay in control when your child cries

Stop mealtime power struggles

Summer safety tips

Support improves parenting

Take control of your toddler's meals

Taming the terrible twos, threes and fours

Teach your toddler to get along with others

Teaching children pro-social skills

Ten ways Dads connect with their children


Tips for flu season 

Tips for traveling with children

Tips to help overweight children

Toddlers can choke on food

Toddlers can learn good behavior

Toddlers must learn self control

Train your child to use the potty

 TV, videos and toddlers 

What makes a family strong?