Parenting Tip Sheets - Teen

Teens need their parents. Every day they have big decisions to make about school, friends, smoking, drugs and drinking.

They welcome hearing “good job” when they make a good choice. After a bad choice, they need you to teach them how to do better next time.

It may be hard for you to stay calm and in control. If what you say and do is not helping, call the Parent Help Line. We will listen. We can help you find answers and make a new plan of action.

Read these tip sheets and try again and again. Learning takes time and patience. Your teen is worth the effort.

A warning about tongue piercing

Adderall abuse among college students

Add ICE to your cell phone

Breaking up is hard to do

Cell phone 101 for parents

College vs. job: parents' influence on their students

Create a family plan for health and well-being

Dealing with childhood obesity

Do you practice good listening skills?

Does your teen want a gap year before college?

Early admission and your teen

Embedding: a self-harming behavior in teens

Facebook: fun or harmful?

Fall family activities that make long-lasting memories

Family time makes teens happy

Family vacation survival tips

Fathers stay close to your daughters

From home to college: prepare now

Gap year opportunities

Get organized for success

Help teens prepare for ACT and SAT tests

Help teens avoid mental health issues





Help your overweight teen get fit

Involved parents keep teen drivers safer

Is your teen old enough to babysit?

Keep latchkey kids safe and healthy

Keep your family healthy

Know the facts about concussions

Know your teen's brain

Love, kindness and saying I'm sorry

Make prom night safe and memorable

Parents and schools working together to achieve success

Parents can stop hazing

Phone technology can harm your teen

Portable music players may damage hearing

Prepare for a new school year

Prevent your teen from shoplifting

Protect your family against carbon monoxide poisoning  

Senior year: prepare your teen to graduate


Small talk: fun conversations with your teen

Social media sites: both positive and negative

Spring cleaning with your teen

Start the school year with good study skills

Stay in charge when your teen is home alone 

Stop parent/daughter battles over makeup

Stop the yelling

Synthetic drugs: parents beware

Talk to your kids about dating

Talk to your teen about organ donation

Teen alcohol and drug use

Teen relationships may be hurtful

Teens and energy drinks

Temporary tattoos

Test-taking tips


The dangers of internet socializing

The teen-school connection

Tips for the flu season  

Tips for teens to stay healthy

Tips to help overweight children

Violent video games not a good gift choice

Watch what you say about your teen's weight

What did you do at school today?

What makes a family strong?

What parents say - what parent's mean

What teen girls do not tell their parents

Why teens make bad choices