Parenting Tip Sheets - School Age

What you do and say helps your child perform better at home and at school. Loving words and actions — from mom, dad or loving adult — help kids learn and succeed.

When parents and caregivers are involved, kids:

  • Attend more days of school,
  • Get better grades,
  • Are less likely to use alcohol, drugs and tobacco, and
  • Are less likely to drop out of school.

Help your child deal with feelings, friends, bullies, grades and sports. To discuss these or other topics, call Parent Help Line.

Activities: Is quitting OK?  

Back to School

Backbacks: both helpful and harmful

Backyard trampolines: know the risks

Beware of home drug tests

BMI: what ii is and how it can help your child

Bullies and victims both at risk

Bullying: what parents can do?

Caffeine - not a good choice for kids

Cell phone 101 for parents

Cell phone: yes or no?

Childhood obesity linked to Type 2 diabetes

Children who hurt animals must get help

Choosing a sport for your child

Coaching a youth sports team

College vs. job: parents influence on their students

Coping with a child's anger

Coping with childhood stress and frustration

Coping with an angry teen

Dangers of roller shoes

Do your kids eat all day long?

Do you teach soft skills at home?

Dry Drowning

Expand your child's world with activities

Facts about kids and colds

Fall family activities make long-lasting memories

Family vacations survival tips

Fun in the park

Fun in the sun can be dangerous

Gardening: get back to basics with children

Got a minute? Give it to your kids

Gun safety for families

Has your child had a successful year in school?

Hazing - is it part of your teen's school activities?

Help your child avoid "looksism" 

Help prevent type II diabetes

Help parents stay organized

How to be a good sport




How to talk to a coach

IEPs and 504 plans

If a child needs to go to the ER

Improved sleep may improve grades

Is your child ready for middle school?  

Is your child gifted?

Join the school success team

Keep your family healthy

Kids who steal

Lawnmower safety

Love, kindness and saying I'm sorry

Make back-to-school fun and easy

 Making holiday memories

Methamphetamine labs near you

Missing children information parents should know

More news about childhood obesity

Nature deficit disorder

Nourish your tween's self esteem

Out of school suspension and expulsion

Parents are teachers

Paintball safety

Parenting your tween: have a plan

Parent involvement: attend parent-teacher conferences

Parents and schools working together to achieve success

Parents beware: know how cyberbullying affects your family

Parents can help stop hazing

Parents can help improve their child's reading skills

Prepare for a new school year  

Prevent head lice 

Protect your family against carbon monoxide poisoning

Protect your kids from MRSA

Protect your teen from drug and alcohol use

Reduce frustration and stop yelling

Safety tips for social network sites

School age obesity: know your child's risk  

Skills for school success

Small talk: fun conversations with your teen

Start the school year with good study skills

Staying home along: is your child ready?

Summer safety tips

Super lice could be a problem

Talking to your kids about drugs

Teach your child to be a good loser

Teaching children pro-social skills

Ten ways Dads connect with their children

The dangers of internet socializing

The joy of being a single parent

Time to get help?

Tips for child advocates

Tips for flu season

Tips for parents when talking to teachers

Tips for traveling with children

Tips to help overweight children

Treat head lice

Watch for bullying behavior in your middle school child

What did you do at school?

What makes a family strong?

What to do if your child refuses to go to school