Parenting Tip Sheets - Baby

Finally, your baby is born. You want to love and care for your newborn. Our BabyTime booklet will help you.

Learning begins at birth. Start teaching your baby the minute you get home. Our Live Love Grow Learn Series and Ready in Stages Series guide you as your baby develops.

If you do not feel like yourself, read about Post-partum depression. It can help you understand your feelings. You may just want to talk to another mother. Call us. 2016 Post-partum depression support group dates.

All parents have questions about caring for a newborn. Our tip sheets answer some of your questions. You can also call to ask:

  • Am I doing it right?
  • What else can I try?
  • Is this normal?
Babies learn from reading faces
Baby's first food
Baby's first steps
Book buying guide
Co-sleeping with your baby - is it safe?
Crying linked to injury of children
Dealing with flat heads in infants

Each baby is unique

Facts about bottle feeding

Grandparent Time

Grandparents have a special job

Help baby sleep safe and sound

High quality daycare is important  

If a child needs to go to the ER

Infant car seats help keep babies safe

Is baby-wearing safe?

Kids are not safe alone in cars

Lose weight safely after the birth of your baby

Moms need more sleep

New baby basics

New guidelines to prevent SIDS

Newborns who confuse night and day
Parents help babies reach their full potential

Prepare infant formula safety

Prevent choking  

Protect your family against carbon monoxide poisoning

Read to your newborn

Reading: have fun while learning


Stroller Safety Tips Sleep solutions for baby

Teething: What parents should know

Tips for flu season

Tummy Time for babies

Well baby checkups  

What makes a family strong?

What we can learn from caveman parenting

Winter time car seat safety

Working parents share household chores