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In strong families, everyone feels loved, valued and respected. Strong families are a result of:
  • positive actions,
  • loving words,
  • caring people, and
  • safe homes, daycares, schools and communities.
You want what is best for your child – for your family. Parent Help Line can help you keep your family safe, healthy and happy. We have searched the literature and simplified the information for you – a busy parent.

Parenting is a joy, however it is not without its challenges . . .
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Parents help their children grow and develop . . .
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Kids deal with bullying daily . . .
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Research shows it is never too early to read to your child . . .
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Finding help for your family in times of need  . . . 
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Emotional changes can occur during pregnancy and up to one year after giving birth  . . .
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If your child is in the hospital, we know that worry and stress can disrupt the whole family. Our PediTime Booklet gives you tips to relieve your stress.  You will find articles about:
Your child's health care team and hospitalists Tips for staying with your child Helping your child cope
Coping with a child's anger Tips for siblings Preparing for discharge Returning home behaviors